5 factors to look for when hiring top Sales people

| March 15, 2012

According to John Asher, CEO of Asher-Global Leaders in Sales Strategies, the idea that anyone can sell is nonsense. The fact is, if you look at all Super Salesmen, there are 5 factors that are always present:

  1. Product Knowledge: They know not only their own business, but also their customer’s business and their competitor’s business extremely well.
  2. Aptitude: They are born with a natural talent or inherent ability for sales
  3. Selling Skills: They know and use all known sales skills
  4. Motivation: They are in the right type of sales position and are completely self motivated
  5. Sales Processes: They are working in companies that have best-practice marketing, branding, sales and customer relationship processes to support them.

The scary part of all of this is that numerous correlation studies show that 50% of the results for outside salespeople are due to their natural talent or aptitude. That means if you hire a salesperson who does not posses this aptitude, the very best that person will ever be able to achieve is 50%.

The good news is there are fairly reliable tests out there that can test for this aptitude before you take the plunge and offer someone a sales position. Two such tests I recommend to my clients are DISC and the CPQ.

These assessments can be used for numerous roles including sales manager, inside salesperson, outside salesperson and customer service representative.

Do you have a preferred method for testing a sales person’s aptitude?

Our next blog will explore the characteristics of a successful salesperson.


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