Ditch these 3 bad habits and be a better leader

| April 5, 2012

Marshall Goldsmith is an expert at helping global leaders overcome their sometimes unconscious annoying habits and attain a higher level of success. Named one of the five most-respected executive coaches by Forbes and a top-ten executive educator by the Wall Street Journal”, Goldsmith has worked with some of the most influential leaders in Fortune 500 companies.

When people ask Goldsmith if the people he coaches can really change their behavior, his answer is: “As we advance in our careers, behavioral changes are often the only significant changes we can make.”

In his best selling book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”, Goldsmith describes 20 common interpersonal bad habits or behaviors that hold them back. In my coaching practice, I often explore these bad habits with my CEO clients. Here are the 3 most common ones mentioned:

1. Adding too much value – It is extremely difficult for successful people to listen and not try to add their “preferred or better” idea. You temper others participation when you follow “great idea” with a “but” or a “however”. Other tempering are reactions like: “we already knew that” or “we know a better way”. Herein lies the problem: by adding your own idea, you may have improved the content of the other persons idea by 5% but in so doing, you have reduced the commitment to getting it executed by 50%. Why? Because you have taken away the ownership of the idea.

2. Failing to give proper recognition – A leader should never fail to give the emotional payoff that comes with success! Without proper recognition, people feel forgotten, ignored, pushed to the side. And, they will resent you for it. Of all the interpersonal slights we make, not providing proper recognition may be the one that endures most deeply in the minds of the slighted.

3. Not listening – This is one of the most common complaints heard. When you fail at listening you send an armada of negative messages. This behavior says, “I don’t care about you,” “I don’t understand you,” “You’re wrong,” “You’re stupid,” and “You’re wasting my time.” It’s not only rude and annoying, but it’s sure to inspire your employees to find their next boss.

If you recognize one of the these bad habits, they can be changed but only if you decide to do so!


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